SOA Governance Services
  • Best Practices: Defining SOA best-practices and standards for business architecture and technical architecture disciplines

  • SOA Scorecard: Defining organizational SOA Scorecard and benchmarks to measure SOA success and ROI

  • Manual Governance: Establishing and enhancing SOA manual governance. This service includes service qualification and certification, scorecard issuance, quality of services policies, requirements verification, communication protocol management, business and IT alignment policies, and more
  • Automated Governance: Establishing automated governance rules and policies and assisting with adoption of SOA governance products. This includes policy meta-data management, design-time and run-time monitoring, SLA enforcement, registry management, security management, and more

  • Design-Time & Run-Time Governance Management: Establishing automated and manual design-time (software design, architecture, and construction) & run-time (production deployment, configuration, and monitoring) governance strategies and policies

  • Center-of-Excellence: Establishing SOA policy enforcement guidelines