Service-Oriented Discovery, Analysis, Design, and Architecture Modeling Workshops for Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, SOA, and Cloud Computing Projects
Workshop Name Duration Workshop Description
Introduction to Service-Oriented Modeling Framework™ (SOMF™)
1 Day This introduction to SOMF™ elaborates on the various service development life cycle disciplines and introduces the modeling language for enterprise architecture, SOA, and cloud computing modeling projects.
Service-Oriented Life Cycle Management
1 Day
The service-oriented life cycle training class elaborates on service evolution management mechanisms during given projects and business initiatives. It also addresses various life cycle perspectives that enable efficient project monitoring and progress assessment .
Service-Oriented Conceptualization
1 Day
This topic is dedicated to the service-oriented conceptualization phase that elaborates on various mechanisms that can help organizations establish common concepts, identify conceptual services, and found enterprise taxonomies. The discussion is all about identification of service abstractions, their conceptual structures, and relationships.
Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis
2 Days
The service-oriented discovery and analysis workshop introduces best practices, processes, and service modeling mechanisms that are used to discover new services and employ legacy applications to render viable business and technological solutions. It provides unique mechanisms to categorize services based on their distinctive characteristics. In addition, it presents a formal modeling language that facilitates service-oriented analysis activities.
Service-Oriented Business Architecture and Integration
2 Days
The service-oriented business architecture and integration topic introduces mechanisms and furnishes a business modeling language that can be used to integrate services with business domains and business products. It expands on industry-standard business architecture disciplines and proposes an implementation of business architecture practices.
Service-Oriented Design
2 Days
The service-oriented design workshop depicts fundamental logical aspects of service design, such as service logical relationships, logical compositions of services in a service ecosystem, and service transaction modeling. These topics offer detail implementation methods to design services for production environments by analyzing and modeling message synchronization , interaction, and distribution of services. Furthermore, this workshop introduces several mechanisms to efficiently integrate service intermediaries in an overall design proportion.
Service-Oriented Software Architecture
3 Days
The fundamental aspects of service-oriented software architecture are presented by conceptual and logical architecture modeling disciplines. This discussion chiefly elaborates on the conceptual architecture modeling language that can be employed to describe organizational technological abstractions, as well as logical architecture building blocks that will be deployed to production environments and become an integral part of an organization’s physical architecture.