The Hidden Dangers of Male Modeling

The casting director, a Dutch man in his 50s with a large paunch, looked at me, his eyes darting around my body. “Take off your top and show me your torso,” he said. I was exhausted after 14 hours of castings, and so I did what I was told and removed my undershirt to reveal my rather pallid chest. After a quick glance, the casting director returned to his seat in the adjacent room and muttered to his stylist, “He’s beautiful, but he’s fat.” Sound travels easily in a hard-floored warehouse; I had moved to the changing room, but I heard his words clearly. I felt humiliated.

I had walked the catwalk twice at Paris Fashion Week, worked with a range of talented photographers and stylists, and was part of a world filled with staggeringly beautiful people. But this wasn’t the first time I had been called overweight, despite my …

‘Modelling is totally about sex’

“To let anyone who is not a heterosexual woman, gay man or eunuch have a position of power in modelling is totally irresponsible”

Heard the one about the sexist, racist, middle-aged French model agent? You’re right, it’s a trick question. Because perhaps the strangest thing about the Gerald Marie affair – unspeakable boss of Elite Models, exposed by MacIntyre Undercover as a lecher and a cad – is not that Elite attempted to reinstate him so quickly last week (two days after his agency accepted his resignation for his “shocking, unacceptable and highly inappropriate” behaviour) but that he was ever suspended in the first place. (Only the last-minute intervention of Elite’s American chairman, grand old John Casablancas, scuppered French Elite’s sneaky plan.)

As with the reviled It Girls and Fat Cats, and now poor Posh Spice, Marie has done nothing at all unusual or bad by the standards of his …

Professional Male Models Tell Us How To Break Into The Industry

Is it time to hand in your P45?

“I’m a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk,” Right Said Fred sang, nipples front-and-centre in a black mesh T-shirt, in 1991.

The singer’s mockery, at the time (and as recently as 2001 with the release of films such as Zoolander), was justified. The idea of men earning a living for simply wearing clothes smacked of unappealing traits – narcissism, unintelligence and a lack of seriousness. But in more recent years there’s been a seismic shift in attitudes.

Not only has male modelling begun to match the status and acclaim female modelling has held since the 1980s, thanks to names like David Gandy, Tyson Beckford and Sean O’Pry becoming celebrities, it is also increasingly seen as desirable work. And the emphasis is on “work”: as well as now being considered a legit career, there …

Taking your partner for a wild night with tail plugs

Butt plug galore

Even though butt plugs are one of the world’s most famous sex toys, not many people have used a butt plug tail before. They are very similar to the regular silicone toy, except for one small difference. Small but crucial — they have an animal tail attached to the base.

Understanding the functions of tail Plugs

Who can use this specific butt plug toy? The answer is anyone who wants to enjoy a wild butt play they’ll never forget. Aside from being aesthetic, the faux fur will tickle you all over, making your legs shake as you play with your butt.

Anal tails aren’t solely for women because there are countless examples of men using them as well. Some would call them kinky, and others might be role-playing pros and veterans in the world of anal sex. 

There’s also this thing called pet play, duh! These relationships

Ways to Stimulate Your Clitoris for Heavenly Pleasure

Are you tired of penetration not doing anything for you? It’s time to take charge! Clitoral stimulation will definitely help you achieve the best orgasms ever!

If you’re unsure about ways to go about it, we’re here to lend a helping hand. We came up with several different ways to stimulate your clitoris that you can try, and one of them is bound to work for you.

Find some free time and explore your body properly!

The Clitoris Is Made for Pleasure

Women have a lot of holes and things down there, that it’s sometimes hard to tell what the purpose of all of them is. The purpose of the female clitoris, however, is very clear.

The sole purpose of the clitoris is to provide feelings of sexual pleasure when stimulated. It doesn’t do anything else. We can’t really compare it to penises in men because they have more than …