Month: June 2019

‘Modelling is totally about sex’

“To let anyone who is not a heterosexual woman, gay man or eunuch have a position of power in modelling is totally irresponsible”

Heard the one about the sexist, racist, middle-aged French model agent? You’re right, it’s a trick question. Because perhaps the strangest thing about the Gerald Marie affair – unspeakable boss of Elite Models, exposed by MacIntyre Undercover as a lecher and a cad – is not that Elite attempted to reinstate him so quickly last week (two days after his agency accepted his resignation for his “shocking, unacceptable and highly inappropriate” behaviour) but that he was ever suspended in the first place. (Only the last-minute intervention of Elite’s American chairman, grand old John Casablancas, scuppered French Elite’s sneaky plan.)

As with the reviled It Girls and Fat Cats, and now poor Posh Spice, Marie has done nothing at all unusual or bad by the standards of his …