Taking your partner for a wild night with tail plugs

Taking your partner for a wild night with tail plugs

Butt plug galore

Even though butt plugs are one of the world’s most famous sex toys, not many people have used a butt plug tail before. They are very similar to the regular silicone toy, except for one small difference. Small but crucial — they have an animal tail attached to the base.

Understanding the functions of tail Plugs

Who can use this specific butt plug toy? The answer is anyone who wants to enjoy a wild butt play they’ll never forget. Aside from being aesthetic, the faux fur will tickle you all over, making your legs shake as you play with your butt.

Anal tails aren’t solely for women because there are countless examples of men using them as well. Some would call them kinky, and others might be role-playing pros and veterans in the world of anal sex. 

There’s also this thing called pet play, duh! These relationships are probably the most vanilla and the most popular type of BDSM among newbies because all it takes is for one of the partners to act like an animal. And they need to have an owner who looks after them, obviously.

Here are some tips we’d like to share with you if this sounds like something you might want to try.

Start of the night: Role-playing with butt plugs for an award winning sex

As we mentioned earlier, tail plugs can be an excellent way to spice up your role-playing game with your partner. Not only will they set the tone and take both of you to that magical space, but these super toys can have another use as well.

People often use the butt plug tail as a way to prepare their partner for anal penetration. They can also help you to explore the different erogenous zones all over your partner’s body and turn them on even more.

There are many different sizes, shapes, and materials available when it comes to tail plugs. The recommendation is that you start with a smaller plug at first. It should only be a couple of inches long. Wear it for a short amount of time so that you give your sphincter time to stretch.

That will also help you get used to the feeling of something being inside your butt. Once you’re comfortable with the smaller plug, you can try a different size.

Then you can go from a regular butt plug to enjoying rimming plugs, anal beads or using masturbators with remote control.

Gender inclusivity

Every anal plug, including tail plugs, has one mission: to give pleasure. And despite the popular opinion, this kind of pleasure should not be available only to ladies. Men deserve a chance of having the best possible orgasms as well.

Using this toy on men means stimulating the prostate through the anus. The prostate is the male G-spot, also known as the P-spot. If you decide to show some love to your erogenous zones, there’s a huge chance of you experiencing the strongest orgasm of all time.

Because of the prostate gland, men have a bit of an advantage over women when it comes to anal. Massaging the prostate can produce some of the most intense feelings a guy can experience. 

That is the advantage of stimulating it through the anal opening. There are even some butt plugs specifically designed with prostate stimulation in mind, so consider checking them out. If used properly, they will provide the pleasure of the highest level.

Owning a pleasure device

It’s not gay, it’s not creepy, and it certainly isn’t illegal. Owning a special pleasure device can improve your life overall, not just the sex-related part of it. It helps reveal stress, depression, tension, and pressure. If you don’t know where to get one, check out https://lovegasm.co/collections/tails and see what best suits your anal play.

There are many other benefits of owning a personal tail plug. If you like to think of yourself as extremely dirty, the idea of wearing it throughout the day or using it during sex might be exciting.

If you like forbidden fruit, using something like a tail plug can make the pleasure much better. In fact, once you try it, you might never be able to stop. 

While you might be excited to try your new tail plug toy, don’t forget to read the instructions carefully and buy only toys made by trusted companies. Apply lube as many times as needed, and clean the toy with soapy water before and after using it. Don’t forget to look for medical advice too. 

Insertion and removal are the easy part. Once you have done some pre-stretching of your anus with your fingers, you can start the process. Lubricate both your anus and the toy and start by slowly inserting it inside.

When it’s about 4 cm inside the rectum, push it in all the way slowly and move at your own pace. When you’re ready to remove your new tail plug toy, start by grabbing its flared base and pull it out gently.

Vaginal sex vs. Anal sex

The ways in which men and women experience vaginal and anal sex is quite different. Anal penetration feels different for everyone For one, during anal sex, men have a higher chance of having orgasms. 

But, when it comes to vaginal sex, women might have more powerful orgasms f they hit the sensitive nerve. Stimulate the anus area with a toy or with fingers for better sexual pleasure. 

And that is great since men are likely to love anal sex because the hole is tighter, providing a stronger sensation. However, sex, in general, is enjoyable, so it’s a matter of improving something that already feels great. 

Under maintenance

We feel it’s important to mention the cleanliness part one more time. The safest way to care for your sex toys is by washing them with gentle soap and warm water. 

Take good care of your anal toy and its fur so that it remains fluffy. Wash your toy before and after usage and let it dry before storing it somewhere safe. The excellent care will also keep it looking amazing while you’re wearing it.

Your hygiene is of utmost importance, and there’s just one more thing left on the list to keep in mind: your genital area. Take a shower to properly wash any dirt and sweat after anal play to stop the spread of bacteria and avoid any potential health problems.

Derek Williams